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Fran is a master spiritual teacher with the gift of Prophetic Wisdom she is know as “the Bridge where the physical and the spiritual meet. In a session with Fran you are connected to your “Heavenly Staff™” which includes your Angels, Saints and Ascendant Masters. She serves as the guide who helps you understand your purpose here, and provides you a Divine education and information to help you navigate through your experiences equipped with the knowledge from above. Many have said a session with Fran is not only empowering but life changing because Spirit gets to the core of the matter pinpointing the issues you need resolved the most and helping you live up to your God given potential.

She specializes in love, health, grief, spiritual awakenings, prosperity, business and overall life.

Most of the time in your session you will receive many answers to your questions before you ask. You are here because you are seeking clarity and connection to higher spiritual intelligence and this journey has led you to Fran. With her sessions you are given information that will guide you to your true, authentic, highest self. You will receive the guidance you need to help you move forward and heal whatever blocks keeping you from living your truth.

Fran’s sessions connect you to your Soul’s Roadmap™ and guides you to your higher consciousness.

You have been  given the tools to live your best life, sometimes we just need a little assistance accessing them...

With a session you feel empowered because you are connecting with a group of heavenly beings who come in love, light and honor, as a spiritual medium she also has the gift of connecting with loved ones who may have a message for you. She has helped thousands of people all over the world, from moms to elite celebrities using the power of Spirit, intentional manifestation, and universal laws to connect, and create a life they adore.

**If you are redeeming a free session for your referrals after you refer 3 people you receive a gifted session. PLEASE USE THE GIFTED SESSION APPOINTMENT ONLY. (Please contact us before booking)

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"Dr. Fran is an amazing spiritual guide..."

Dr. Fran is an amazing spiritual guide after you have a session with her you feel motivated like you can really do anything! She is gentle and straight to the point. You just feel the spirit when you are with her. Thank you so much

Jackie P.

Unleash Your Spiritual Potential

Additional Service Offerings

Custom Altar Work:

Welcome to the mystic world of Spiritual Altar work with Dr. Fran, your trusted guide on a magical path of manifestation. Prepare to embark on a journey where burdens and struggles find solace at the sacred altar, just as they have throughout the ages.

Drawing upon ancient wisdom and the mystical arts, Dr. Fran Altar is a triple threat, blending her profound biblical studies, and a childhood filled with herbalist traditions passed down from her mother and grandmother. This unique knowledge allows her to craft spiritually infused oils, candles, incense, and herb mixtures of supreme potency.

At the heart of Dr. Fran’s altar work lies her extraordinary gift of Prophetic Wisdom, where she receives divine instructions from the Angels themselves. With this celestial guidance, she constructs altars that radiate a divine energy, captivating your senses and transcending the mundane.

Did you know...

Every flicker of a candle’s flame during the altar’s spiritual work tells a story—a tale of your journey, what the blocks may be and how it aligns with the work Dr. Fran’s does daily on your altar. With her expert intuition and experience, she adjusts the energies immediately, guiding them toward your desired outcome.

What Does the Altar Include?

Each meticulously curated altar set is a masterpiece of spiritual craftsmanship. Custom-made oils, carefully selected herbs, sacred candles, and aromatic incense blend seamlessly to address the specific challenges you face. No matter what obstacles you encounter, our altar sets are designed to assist you on your transformative path.

As you embark on this extraordinary journey, the altar becomes a sacred haven where prayers are spoken with utmost reverence. Daily prayers, personalized instructions tailored to your unique situation, and divine intervention combine to help you manifest the life you desire.

Our altar sets offer ongoing support, available in 30, 60, and 90-day intervals. Within this sacred timeframe, you will also enjoy bi-weekly consultation calls with Dr. Fran, ensuring that the energies align with your intentions.


"After 45 days we went to mediation and I was awarded my full settlement with back pay!"

I needed help I happen to stumble across Angels with Fran page and I contacted her and we talked. I had been fighting for my settlement for 3 years. After I gave her the information she went to work. Things began to move in the right direction. After 45 days we went to mediation and I was awarded my full settlement with back pay. I have heard about altars so I knew they worked I just couldn’t do it myself. God is truly working through her.

Kelly G.

House Clearings:

In-person + virtual sessions

Step into a realm of pure magic and transformation with Dr. Fran’s House Clearing services. Discover the profound impact emotions and energies have in your living space while using her expertise to create a balanced and vibrant home for you.

The places we call home are more than just physical structures; they hold the energetic imprints of our experiences and emotions. Whether it’s happiness, anger, or procrastination, these vibrations unconsciously influence everyone who lives in the home as well as what some visitors may leave behind. But don’t worry, because Dr. Fran will guide you on a journey of cleansing and renewal.

What Is A House Clearing?

Dr. Fran’s remarkable insight and clarity allow her to identify and transform trapped or lingering energies within your home.

She gathers information from past events and relationships that may have left an energetic imprint, offering you a fresh perspective of your space. Fran then sits down with you and gives you a Cleansing Assessment, addressing the encountered energies and guiding you through further purification steps.

Experience immediate shifts in your personal and business relationships as negative emotions and thoughts are released, allowing harmony and freedom to flow abundantly.

Step into a new chapter of positivity, purpose, and success that extends beyond your physical environment. Ready to experience the magic of a home or business clearing service?

Connect with Dr. Fran today to schedule a consultation and embark on your journey toward a harmonious and vibrant living space.

**Please note that an initial consultation fee of $75.00 applies, which will be deducted from the total service fee.**

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Calling All Realtors!

Elevate your marketing prowess with the incredible impact of home cleansing. Have you ever had clients walk into a house and sense a vague unease or coldness? These sensations stem from lingering energies within the home.

Allow Dr. Fran to remove those energies, lifting the atmosphere and creating a warm, inviting ambiance that captivates buyers, friends, and family.

The results speak for themselves—top realtors across the country trust Dr. Fran to cleanse every home they list. “I have Fran cleanse every home I list, and they sell within weeks, sometimes days.” raves M. Jameson.

Experience the extraordinary power of a home cleansing service and unlock the true potential of your living and work spaces. Say goodbye to negative energies and embrace a new chapter of harmony and success.

Contact Dr. Fran today to embark on your transformative journey!

**Please note that an initial consultation fee of $75.00 applies, which will be deducted from the total service fee.**

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"She was able to change the energy, tell me who was gonna buy the house and she was right."

Fran came to me highly recommended by one of my co-workers. I was very skeptical as a realtor I had never done anything like this before. She was very professional explained the process and started the cleanse. Fran told me things about the homeowners there was no way she would know, things you couldn’t google and I was blown away literally. She was able to change the energy and tell me who was gonna buy the house and she was right. I now recommend Fran to everyone I know who has something going on in their home!Without a doubt, she is truly exceptional!

Cheryl K.

Intensives: Unlock Your Magic

In-person + virtual sessions

Have you ever felt like sprinkling a little Angelic Magic into your life, inviting a world of infinite possibilities and transformation?

Prepare to embark on an empowering journey as we explore the extraordinary process of a VIP Intensive session. While working exclusively with Dr. Fran over this extended 3-day period, together we will uncover the secrets to unlocking your true potential.

What A VIP Intensive Includes...

Personalized Guidance and Discovery:
Join me for an entire 3 days dedicated solely to your personal and professional aspirations. We’ll explore your dreams and passions, uncovering your truest desires, the ones that ignite your soul. This personalized experience lays the foundation for creating a life with purpose and fulfillment.

Overcoming Obstacles with Divine Wisdom:
Along our journey, we may stumble upon obstacles that have been holding you back. Don’t worry, my divine connection will act as your guiding compass. Through an intentional blend of insightful questions and active listening, we’ll uncover the obstacles standing in your way and find the keys to unlock your success.

Tailored Strategies for Lasting Transformation:
No two souls are alike, and neither should be their paths to transformation. With divine instructions as your spiritual guide, we will create practical strategies tailored specifically to your unique circumstances. Together, we’ll tap into your soul’s roadmap, which is filled with actionable steps that will lead you toward your dreams.

Embracing Magic Beyond the VIP Experience:
The work doesn’t stop at the end of our VIP sessions. Our time together acts as a powerful spark, igniting a series of remarkable changes that extend far beyond our sessions. As you move forward, armed with newfound wisdom and clarity, you’ll witness immediate shifts in your life, relationships, and overall well-being.

Investing in a VIP Intensive is like stepping into a new reality. It’s a commitment to your spiritual and personal growth, a testament to your belief in the transformative power of the divine. By dedicating this time to yourself, to receive spiritually infused information, strategic planning, and actionable steps, you’re choosing to create the future you desire and deserve.

So, if you’ve ever wanted a trusted guide to walk you through elevating and creating your best life, intentionally and authentically, look no further! Prepare yourself to embrace more love, more money, more success, and abundance than you can ever imagine as you unlock all the Universe has in store for you. Schedule your VIP Days and let the prosperity flow into life!

**Please note that the VIP Intensive sessions can be experienced individually or with a small group of up to three people. Each additional person beyond the one-on-one incurs a fee of $750.00 per person.

**Ready to sprinkle a little magic into your life? **Please note the Intensive is a spiritual process and has no religious basis.**

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"This intensive changed my life..."

This intensive changed my life! I was blessed to spend 3 days with Dr. Fran 1:1 in person and I cannot even express the impact it had on my life. The work as she calls it was simple yet profound it didn’t even feel like work! It felt like I was having a deeply spiritual conversation with my TT. She is open, non-judgemental, and sits with you through it all. If you feel stuck in your life or you need deep guidance hire her! She will be the best investment you ever made! And she gives the best hugs.

Samantha J.

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