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As a Spiritual Transformation Coach and Mentor, I specialize in helping women design and live their first-class life. Let me show you how to craft a life with purpose and attract your heart’s desires.

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"When you open your mind to the limitless supply of the Universe, you can Manifest anything you desire."

- Fran

Nothing in life happens by chance, you are either creating your life by design or default. You co-create every experience in your life by connecting to the Divine Power of this incredible universe.

You have been given power like no other living thing on this planet, it’s the power of connection and authority.

Paradigm shifts are happening all over the planet and you are not here by mistake, you were led here because it’s your time!

It’s divine alignment that has brought you to a place of seeking a deeper connection with higher consciousness, one your soul has been craving, and now you are ready to evolve into your highest and grandest self. Your true self and I am delighted to assist you.

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You have been led here because you need clarity, answers or you feel stuck. Maybe it’s around your love relationships, business, money, health, or you’re looking for a deeper spiritual connection.

My life purpose is to cross paths with those who are ready to receive the information they seek to take their lives to the next level and to find out what they are here to do.

To help those who are grieving from a loss to heal and have peace. To clear blocks and live abundantly.

God has given you all you need within to create and live the life you desire.


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How I Reprogrammed My Mind & Manifested MORE MONEY With Words!

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How I Manifested $50,000 in 72 Hours With My Wallet!

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"When you give, it is given every time."

Fran’s mission is to help as many people as she can through her teachings, she’s thankful you have chosen to give, so she can continue to teach and educate people all over the world how to use their God Given Gifts to live the live they dream.

Fran is 100% committed to helping women live a lavish abundance life which includes, spiritual health sustainable wealth, and successful business by teaching via her YouTube, podcast, and in-person lectures. Your seeds help her continue to do it.

We are thankful for every seed that is sown.

Starting in 2020 we will have monthly partnership available where you will have access to the monthly prosperity teaching partnership vault. Let’s light the world together.


Gain Clarity and Direction with a Spiritual Life Coaching or Mentoring Session.

When you book a session, you feel empowered because you’ll connect with a group of heavenly beings who come in love, light, and honor.

As a Spiritual Medium, I also have the gift of connecting with loved ones who may have a message for you.

I’ve helped thousands of people over the years, from moms to elite celebrities, by harnessing the power of Spirit, intentional manifestation, and universal laws co-create a life they adore.


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