What are your gifts? I’m not talking about the gifts you feel from others, like your family or your partner or the career you love—I mean the gift that’s in you simply because you are you. The gift that is there even when you don’t acknowledge it; the gift that is waiting for you to listen, to connect, to embrace.

I know what mine is: it’s my connection to Spirit. With my gift I help people with life, business, pain, grief, struggles, transitions, and challenges—both personally and professionally—by sharing Divine messages, clarity, guidance, and inspiration that has been given to me by my Angels. I help to bridge those who are looking for a deeper connection to spirit with my gift of prophetic wisdom.

Your life is to be enjoyed, you should have an abundance of all the things your desire. There is no struggle when you tap into the divine flow of the universe.

Do you want to know the secret to finding the love your heart craves, the professional success you’ve worked so hard for & the abundance you deserve?

Good! I’m going to let you in on a secret: There is no secret.

You have the power within you to manifest the life of your dreams with intentional living. The thing most people miss is  this power within must be claimed; once you do that, once you open your ears and truly hear, your direct link to the universe pours wisdom and insight  into your life.

I would be honored  to guide as you claim your power and manifest your desires.

Hi, I'm Fran Leigh!

Connector. Angelic Channel.  Spiritual Teacher. Intentional Living Architect. 

My life goal is to cross paths with those who are ready to take their lives to the next level with intentional living. To help you  connect between psychical  and spiritual and use the power you have been given to create your life. I use my special spiritual connection to help people hear the things they can’t or they are missing. Along with my Angels, I deliver messages of love, hope, peace, comfort, and enrichment.Coming  from a long line of spiritual healers, prophets, and prayer warriors. I would be honored  to guide as you claim your power and manifest your desires.

What the Angels want you to know today...