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 What is your greatest gift?—I mean the gift that’s in you simply because you are you. You God Given gifts that are there even when you don’t acknowledge it; the gift that is waiting for you to listen, to connect, to embrace and share with the world.

I know what mine is: it’s my connection to Spirit. I help people through pain, grief, struggles, transitions, and challenges—both personally and professionally—by sharing insight, clarity and inspiration.

My mission is to bridge the physical and spiritual, to help you discover their value, improve their self-esteem, and respect their self-worth. My clients who have done that are rewarded with abundance in every area.

Now back to you—are you ready to raise your spiritual awareness and manifest the dreams you’ve always had for your life? Do you want to know the secret to finding the love your heart craves, the professional success you’ve worked so hard for, the abundance you deserve?


I would be honored  to serve as your guide as you claim your power and manifest your desires.

Your life is to be enjoyed, you should have an abundance of all the things your desire. There is no struggle when you tap into the divine flow of the universe.

Hi, I'm Fran Leigh!


Chances are you have been lead here because you need clarity. Maybe it's around your love relationships, business, health or your looking for a deeper spiritual connection. My life goal is to cross paths with those who are ready to take their lives to the next level. To help you use all the tools you have been given to live your grandest life, to connect the  physical and spiritual and show you how to  use the power you have been given to create your life. I use my gift of Divination to connect people hear the things they maybe missing. Along with my Angels, I deliver messages of love, hope, peace, comfort, and enrichment. Coming from a long line of spiritual healers, prophets, and prayer warriors. I would be honored  to guide as you claim your personal power and manifest your desires.

Featured Testimony

There was a period in my life where I was looking for an answer to a situation I was faced with. My question was whether or not to return to my husband whom I was separated from for a year. I set up an appointment with Fran Leigh because I knew she could tap into the spirit guides around me that could help. And was I ever right. It was almost as if I was transformed to another dimension just being in the same room with her during this reading. There was a feeling of calm, and an aura in the room that you simply cannot explain in words -- because it was felt. What she relayed to me was not the direct answer to my question, but rather information that enlightened me enough to make this difficult decision. And the information I received was mind-blowing. I have always been an intuitive individual myself but never had I ever delved into this realm of understanding and insight. It was truly a spiritual encounter. I can’t wait for my next reading session with Fran.- Yvette K , Orlando  Florida 

What the Angels Want You to Know Today