People always want to know, How can I change my life now. 


Many are on a journey, searching for their lives purpose, soul's love or deeper spiritual connection...  I can help. 

My greatest gift is my connection to Spirit that will  guide, mentor  and assist you.  This is simply one of the most loving encounters you will ever experience.

When you book an appointment with me, you will receive clarity and answers to your deepest  questions.

You will receive in-depth guidance to connect you to the Divine within. We look at where you are and where you want to be. Gently we get to the core of the matter, and you will be given instructions to correct the situation.

  • We will look closely into your life's journey now as well as how to get you to where you want to be.
  • You will have a clear understanding of your highest self, your life's purpose,soul path, and how to become align with spirit for success and peace.
  • After your session, you will know how to live your life at a higher vibration and excel in all areas.
  • You will receive guidance for you, when you connect with Spirt you are given guidance that is specially for you.

After your session you will  have a better understanding to your connection  with the  Divine and the path ahead of you.

"My session with Fran was so amazing, the first 10 minutes I didn't have to say a word and she answer all of my unspoken questions! She is the real deal! ~ G. Lewis

You can set up your appointment by  booking below.


1 Hour 10 minutes ($300)

45 minutes ($175)

These sessions are design to help give you clarity in love, business and life. One on One session's with Fran help you see life through the eyes of Spirit. She connects you to your higher self and helps you to understand where you are and where you need to go. With the guidance of her Angels she opens the windows of heaven as the bridge and gives you the information to succeed in your life.


30 Minutes ($175)

1 Hour ($300)

If you are not able to meet me face to face for a session, I still want to be able to connect with you and assist you with the clarity you need. We will look closely into your life's journey now as well as how to get you to where you want to be. Fran's session are extremely powerful in helping you understand who you truly are. This session is as powerful as the session that are face to face.


15 Minutes ($65)

10 minutes ($45)


What’s your question? Notice I didn’t say “do you have any questions?” because I know you do. We all do! And I love when someone is willing to come to me and say: “Fran, I just need to ask you….” Here’s why: you don’t always need a full session with me to get the clarity you need. And sometimes you need an answer NOW. Maybe you need to know if the person you just met is THE ONE. I'm here!


*Travel Fees may occur.

*If for any reason you are unable to keep your appointment, you will receive a credit for a later time.*

My life was falling apart, someone recommended I go see Fran. I was a little uncomfortable at first so I had her come to my home. I was completely amazed. Without judgement she was able to tell me things that no one else knows about me, as well as give me detailed instructions on how to correct my problems. My life and business has soared because of Fran's guidance. I am extremely thankful. Thank you Fran, you are a blessing.
Kathy K.
Leawood, KS
Honestly I don't know where to begin, Fran's gift is powerful. She is so anointed, my session was life changing. The information she was able to give me without me saying a word was astounding. She was so accurate, I found myself asking her how do you know this? If you have a chance to experience a session with her you should truly do it.
Maggie G.
Orange County , CA