Miracle Manifesting In Action!

Are you living by design or default?  Are you a conscious creator? 
Do you know that once you align your mindset with your mouth life changes?
 The power to deliberately create reality lies within the right use of imagination and mind combined with a surrendered faith in a Higher Power.
Sometimes you have to surrender to life on life’s terms but you have the ability to connect to your Higher Power and experience wonderous miracles. However, as long as you see yourself as a powerless being this will never happen. We all think sometimes “this is my life and it is what it is” but what if it’s not? What if you take a leap of faith and decide that today is the day you’re going to change your life and you’re going to trust the fabulous move of the Universe? Miracles happen everyday and sometimes they are hidden in the struggles we face because they make us look at things differently. Now, sometimes we fall victim to the negative things that happen and we hang out there way too long but as soon as we ask for help…. help is given.
When I was first introduced to new thought, I thought “huh? If this is real why isn’t everyone doing it?” The answer was because others who are like me didn’t know they had the power to do it. They thought just like I did “it just is what it is” and had to deal with it!
My mentor and my mother were already aware of new thought but I wasn’t so I started asking because I needed help, I needed change, and I was ready to take responsibility. My mother always told me ” the power of the mind can change your world. Your mind is so strong and stubborn you could change the universe!”  My mentor who is now 96 years old is happy, healthy, and still very abundant told me to start reading and I did just that, I read everything from Catherine Ponder to Jospeh Murphy, you can find all the books I read here. They changed my whole life and my mind expanded to things I never thought were possible. I wanted to learn more about all things Spiritual, I wanted to know God for myself so I read and I prayed to gain knowledge.
As I begin to allow God to move within me and accept myself as a powerful co creator, I thought if I could use my mind positively instead of negatively and really seek a relationship with God my life would change; and it did! I realized my inner thoughts showed up in my outer circumstances. I realized that the consistent frequency of a positive thought would flow abundantly back to me. I realized that truly “as a man thinketh so is he!” So I put all my energy into seeing my life as I wanted it to be and it changed. Now I want to help you do the same thing.
 I practice Spiritual Principles, keep my focus on the outcome I desire for the highest good, say thank you in advance while surrendering my fears and letting go control of the form reality is supposed to take.  Most importantly, expecting good to come out of the world, out of people, through me and for me. You can do the same thing!
I know what you’re thinking “Fran you just don’t know!” You’re right, I may not know your exact situation but I’ve been there, in the darkness not knowing how it was going to happen. I know sometimes it’s hard to believe for a miracle but if you practice, if you’ll become a willing participate in your Spiritual expansion your life will expand.  When I wrote God’s Promises  I decided I wanted everything God had for me and to get that I needed to be reminded of the promises! I needed to know the word so I meditated and prayed for guidance and as always, it was given! Knowing the prosperity promises helped me to change my mindset about living in lack! I learned Spirit was my source, not my job and the bank was not my source but Spirit. I learned I could tap into higher consciousness to create and how important it is to stay connected to your Source. More importantly, I learned I was worth all the things I desired!
Your greatness is only a prayer, a decree, and a step away. I never thought I’d be living the life I’ve dreamed of so many times, but now I do and I live by Gratitude and Thanksgiving for all things. Now it’s your turn!
I would love to hear your thoughts, drop me a line.
Peace and Blessings,