Attracting Abundance

Here are a few of my favorite ways to attract abundance:

  1. See the world as it truly is generous, abundant, and providing.   If you change the way you look at things things will change. You must see the world as it is generous and always ready to give on your command open your mind to the limitlessness of this universe your intentions are genuine and brims with possibilities.
  2. Allow: When you resist you are creating disharmony between you and your desire for abundance. When you are allowing you are in alignment to receive. Don’t entertain any thoughts of anything other than abundance and you divine right to it!
  3. Declare: I AM a money magnet and abundance is attracted to me. When you declare good things in your life it raises your vibrational frequency and created harmony with your higher self. You are already connected to the Source Energy you just have to activate it. I use our money candles, sprays and oils everyday as I set my intentions. Amazing things happen! You can get yours here. 
  4. Your prosperity won’t hurt or hinder anyone else. Universal supply is unlimited The more generous you are the more you will have. It is the Law of Circulation and it’s very real.  Because you have a lot doesn’t mean anyone else will suffer and if you have you can also help. You should have plenty, plenty , plenty. 
  5. Be Thankful.  Be thankful, be thankful,  be thankful!  Even when things are going the way you want them to at that time be thankful for each and every thing. Be thankful while you waiting knowing that everything has a reason.In one of my favorite books “The Magic” it talks about how gratitude can change the whole course of your life. I am always thankful for now!

There is amazing energy that creates and it is within you. Everything has a vibrational frequency and when you match yours up to your desires it manifest in your world. What amazing thing will you create today?


Let me know what you think about this post.


With Amazing Gratitude,